COVID-19 - Updated guidance
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In line with guidance from England Golf and the Club's Health & Safety Consultant we would ask all members to adhere to the following guidance:

- Only one player to be on the tee at any time; stay at least 2m away from playing partners throughout the round

- Do not touch each others golf equipment, including golf balls, trollies, clubs etc

- Do not touch flagsticks

- Rakes will be removed to avoid touching and bunkers treated as GUR whilst winter playing rules apply

- Avoid unnecessary holing out by treating puts below 18 inches as 'gimmies'

- Only retrieve balls with a gloved hand

- Ball washers should not be used

- Rubbish bins will be removed from the course, please retain and dispose of your own rubbish

- Common courtesies - handshakes and embraces in accordance with normal etiquette - should be avoided

- Locker rooms will remain open so that toilets and hand washing facilities are available (frequency of cleaning and sanitising will be increased)

- Showers should not be used. Avoid changing clothes in locker rooms to minimise any close contact, touching surfaces etc

- Avoid any social gathering in locker rooms

We should all of course continue to monitor and observe Government advice on Coronavirus (COVID-19) and self-isolate if unwell, avoiding the use of Club facilities.

Golf is a healthy pursuit played in the open air and the risk to players in good health is smaller than most other sports provided we all follow expert advice. Please keep safe and help us to keep the course open as a place of recreation and exercise by adhering to these guidelines.

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  • COVID-19 - Updated guidance