Option 1: View the diary on the club's website

Click here to open the page in a new tab

Option 2: Connect your Calendar to the Clubs

The best option

This option is the best option to completely keep up to date with any diary changes and once setup it will update your diary each year with no further setup required from you.

To connect your calendar to the club's you need to add another calendar to yours via URL, the URL to use is


You may need to search for instructions for your particular calendar application

Option 3: Download and import into your calendar

Importing these files creates actual appointments in your calendar application, if you wish to remove them, you will need to delete the appointments yourself. Instructions on how to import can be found with an internet search. The key information you need to search for is how to load an .ics file into whatever calendar application you are using.
You may want to change the filename as these are system generated and out of our control.

The All or separate files allow you to mix and match the events to import

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