Option 1: View the diary on the club's website

Click here to open the page in a new tab

Option 2: Download and import into your calendar

Importing these files creates actual appointments in your calendar application, if you wish to remove them, you will need to delete the appointments yourself.The member group files contain no duplication, therefore if you wish to view both General and Ladies events you will need to load both files.

If you load All and one of the other files, you will create exact duplicate appointments.

Instructions on how to import can be found with a simple internet search. The key information you need to search for is how to load an .ics file into whatever application you are using.

Files that are available are listed below, click on the one you want. You may want to change the filename as these are system generated and out of our control.

Option 3: Connect your calendar to the club's

This creates a link between your calendar application and the club's calendar, providing the following features:
  • No appointments are added to your calendar, you are viewing a remote calendar.
  • This does mean an internet connection is required to see the events
  • Visibility can be switched on and off easily
  • When events change or are added, they seamlessly appear in your calendar without having to do anything. (such as when next years diary is added)
To do this will require a search of the internet for instructions for your calendar application.
You will need a URL to connect and that is;

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